nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

OK, that really is cold

Dalarna, in central Sweden (full of trees), is expecting temperatures of -44 degrees C. The coldest I've ever experienced is -22, obviously not in England.

I have virtuously worked for the past couple of hours (remote desktop, I have no excuse, except that it is incredibly slow so I am giving up for a bit) and am now going out to see if I can acquire a snow shovel on the High Street. I think I will be back in the office tomorrow - it is still snowing lightly, but if there isn't much more the buses will get up and running again. I shall also see if I can get any birdseed. They can't be having much fun and the moment, and have finished all the berries on the cotoneaster. This is a pity as I can no longer watch them on it. On the other hand, this will end the orange excreta all over the dustbin.
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