nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Effing ENT

Nothing gets in the way of a bright and early start to the weekend like still being awake at 4am because you took some pseudoephedrine at 6pm. I think my tolerance is firmly established as a maximum two doses a day, and no later than 2 o'clock. Thank goodness for my fear-of-flying temazepam stash, which just about counters it.

I really, really want to know the outcome of this clinical trial (when it is published, as it only finishes on Sunday) on steam inhalation and nasal irrigation. I don't care what the result is as long as there is evidence one way or the other.

Right. Can't drive to the supermarket yet, and brain not up to imagination for writing. Shower, washing-up, and go to get a paper, I think. Time for the NoW situation catch-up. Anyone else wonder whether Murdoch père is coming over rather than Murdoch fils, the Chairman and Chief Executive of NI, because they don't want to risk the latter being arrested?
Tags: newspapers, real life
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