nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Various notes

I have only three weeks left at work until Christmas. This is both good and bad...

My colleague won't be in the office today because she is in Stockholm for a long weekend. A romantic long weekend with her new boyfriend, who is a barrister. Am I envious? Too right I am!

To the cyclist turning right last night on Woodstock Road in dark clothes, no bike lights or reflectors, and wearing a helmet: O HAI U BE DOIN SAFETY RONG!

Went to WNO's Barber of Seville last night at the New Theatre. Fun production and good singing, but the theatre decoration makes it feel like one is sitting inside a pink and red jukebox, and the leg-room in the balcony - ow! Ruddigore at the Barbican tomorrow.

My picowrimo production for the month has hit 8000! I am resolved to keep going and try and finish the story this time. Of course, it would help if it didn't just seem to be betting longer. For a story I think of as "Potterverse/Wimsey mpreg Corsican crossover (with bonus valet-rogering" we aren't yet anywhere near either mpreg or Corsica. Or rogering.
Tags: fandom, opera, real life
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