nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Fic Rec: A Jolly Kind of Detective Game

Stand aside, oh you pretenders to the throne of long Wimseyfics, with your tens and twenties of thousand words. Because bursting on to the internet comes the longest Wimseyfic ever. It may, by my crude calculations, even be longer than The Attenbury Emeralds. It is certainly better written, with more of a sense of period.

It is A Jolly Kind of Detective Game by [profile] custardpringle, posted at AO3 and weighing in at a whopping +139,000 words. But size isn't everything. It also has mystery, adventure, red herrings and romance as Hilary Thorpe and the Viscount Saint-George come down from Oxford and find themselve plunged into rather more excitement, local journalism, and organised crime than they had bargained for.

It is a pretty shippy ship-fic, the pairing being (as you might expect from the protagonists) Hilary/Saint George, so if you run from that sort of thing as from the plague it may not be for you (it certainly has the highest rating of any Wimsey het-fic on the internet). What more can I say? It's a Wimsey fanfic novel and it works as a novel, and if you like Sayers, or Golden Age detective novels (elements of it reminded me of Margery Allingham, which I don't think is an accident on the part of the author), or faux GA novels, take a look!
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