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30 July 2018 @ 02:40 pm
Thanks to [personal profile] naraht. It's massively skewed by the right fic at the right time in Yuri on Ice fandom, but has been interesting to discover the stats page, which I can't remember looking at before.

Account created: 21 December 2009, presumably Yuletide connected.
Total stories: 45 There is quite a lot I never transferred from FictionAlley* or LJ/DW. Must think about archiving the latter. The former is about to become not an issue because AO3 is transferring the entire archive. Though I must also think about that, too..
Total wordcount: 99,169
Average (mean) wordcount: 2203. This over-inflates the average, really. I seem to have a lot of quite short fics on AO3.
Longest story: My True Love Has My Heart. Peter/Harriet bodyswap fic... It's 12,200 words. By and large I don't write very long fics, and that's the only one over 10,000.
Shortest story: And the flood destroyed them all 152 words, These Old Shades, and the sole fic on AO3 tagged with Henri de Saint-Vire

Total kudos: 4786
Kudos (mean) per story: 106. Take out the fic with most kudos, and you get a less extreme 64.
Story with most kudos: In the Studio, which was a comic, multi-chapter fic right at the time when Yuri on Ice fic was still canon-focused and there wasn't as much of it. Its 1935 kudos is over seven times my next most-kudosed fic (also YOI). It has 1 kudos per 1.8 words, which is particularly ridiculous when you consider that it is written in script form and thus a disproportionate number of those words are "Commentator [1]".

Total comment threads: 569.
Comment threads per story: 12. Hmm, probably not unreflective overall.
Story with most comments: The aforementioned : In the Studio, with 138 comment threads. Honourable mention to The Sceptre at the Feast, which comes in second with 49 comment threads, and is a Yuletide 2009 fic that still brings in more kudos and occasional comments than I would expect for such a short piece.

Total author subscriptions: 54.
Total story subscriptions: 217. I assume many of them are awaiting the sequel to In the Studio,
Story with most subscriptions: Indeed, it's In the Studio, with 209 subscriptions.
Total bookmarks: 450
Story with most bookmarks: Go on, guess! You won't be wrong.

Stories with no comments or kudos: Two stories with no comments: Sabotage , which is a Yuri on Ice jeu d'esprit about what skaters really think when they get sex-pollened, and I've Been to a Marvellous Party, which was my Wimseyfic response to the Open-Source Boobs Project and which has got loads of comments, but they're all on LJ. No stories without kudos, with the lowest being The Whispering Grass, which is the very definition of a story one writes for oneself, but still manages 13.

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The warm nights continue to challenge sleep with dreams. After Friday morning's attempt to explain post-modernish, I woke at 4am today from an AU of The Secret History, set less romantically in something that appeared to be the physics department of a 1970s university. The final straw was when some bloke handed me the minutes of the murder they had committed covered with red pen and instructed me to improve them. I woke up on telling him to shove it.

This was still an improvement on spending the rest of the night attempting to work out a bar bill.

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18 July 2018 @ 01:22 pm
I need to buy a printer; all advice/suggestions/recommendations/rants not to get your brand because it is terrible, will be gratefully received!

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16 July 2018 @ 07:26 pm
Once again Mandy Rice-Davies has the right words, in this case, for Trump and Putin. It isn't staggering any more, alas, that Trump behaves like this, but it is still extraordinary how the Republican party goes along with it. No doubt will make individual motivations clearer, but one doesn't have to reach far for the possibilities.

Meanwhile, on the theme of abdication of political responsibility and general mendaciousness on this side of the Atlantic, I must catch up on Brexit news. Motivations here are at least pretty transparent: political ambition and the desire to short-sell the country for a quick buck.

Back from holiday, and back to work tomorrow. The inbox looms, but I am resolutely ignoring all thought of it until the hour arrives.

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Truly, this year is not as other years.

In other news, initial details of the Yuri on Ice film have been announced. Good news: it appears to be about young Victor! Bad news: no-one told them that Ice Adolescence is a utterly terrible title.

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29 June 2018 @ 05:55 pm
Early October: the next level German course does not run. I resolve to continue to work and to keep up the previous year's German.

Period since early October: I do next to no German

Yesterday evening: periodic check more in hope than expectation reveals that a WIP has updated for the first time since late August. Two new chapters! I switch off my light far too late, on account of reading German.*

Meanwhile, speaking of language learning in the interests of hobbies, it is the final episode of series four of The Bridge tonight! My colleague's husband had the temerity to ask her to wait to watch it with him when he comes back from the three week research trip he's left on today. Surely grounds for divorce! (She said no, obviously.)


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25 June 2018 @ 04:36 pm
I have been imagining how various film plots would go were the protagonists to be replaced by the man gunning for “Craven of the Decade”, Boris Johnson*. What a pity he went to Kabul rather than Samarra.

The Return of the King Johnson gets everyone to march to the Black Gates, gives a speech about how they’re going to stand against Mordor and it’s worth it even if they all die, and then leaps onto a specially chartered eagle leaving them as the gate opens.

Of course, this film never exists on account of…

The Fellowship of the Ring ‘I will take the Ring to Mordor. Only kidding!’

High Noon As the strains of Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darlin’ ring out over the town and the clock ticks towards noon and the arrival of the gang leader after his release from prison, Boris grabs his wife’s ticket, shoves her off the train, and choo-choos his way to safety.

Joan of Arc See The Return of the King, but substitute Orléans for Mordor.

The Usual Suspects Boris is interviewed for hours by the police. At the end they realise he has told them a load of bullshit, but are powerless to do anything about it. Oh wait…

I'm sure that there are many more.

*Though he faces competition from Theresa May for her cowardice in not sacking him, I'd argue that Johnson is far more brazen. He positively glories in being a bloviating weasel.

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20 June 2018 @ 08:42 pm
I haven't done one of these for ages. Must try harder...

(1) This week it is Snow on the Seats, by Andy Potts*. Everything you wanted to know about Russian football and were afraid to ask, seen through the eyes of a Sunderland fan and journalist. It's actually quite fun and chock-full of social history in amusing and less amusing snippets**.

(2) Last week it was Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens Davidowitz, subtitled "What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are". A Waterstones 'Buy One, Get One Half-Price' this was an entertaining and sometimes depressing read***. First published in 2017 it has an interesting premise (people tend to tell the truth about what they want to find when making anonymous searches on the internet, you can extrapolate from this) that is massively let down by the fact that in this post-Cambridge Analytica world it is massively out of date, because it assumes that the people telling the truth when they make their searches are not being manipulated by the internet itself... The author is also quite evidently an economist, which I am prepared to admit doesn't make him a bad person, and he doesn't seem to start from the premise of "Assume the economy is a perfectly spherical cow", but does mean that he finds fairly straightforward conclusions more shocking than they are. There's some good stuff in there, but I felt it would have been a better work if done in tandem with a sociologist.

*A friend. Why else would I be reading a book on football?

**Probably qualifying as both, Lavrentey Beria, head of the NKVD (as played by Simon Russell Beale in The Death of Stalin), actually had a crucial match replayed when his beloved Dynamo Moskva lost in 1939. They lost the second time, too.

***What Google searches reveal about US racism are not encouraging of ones faith in humanity.

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18 June 2018 @ 06:56 pm
How the TK Maxx website described this garment that I purchased recently:

Description: Green high neck hoodie
Colour: Green (obviously)

How the manufacturer (Naketano*) described this garment:

Description: Ralle Rizzo Pimped IV
Colour: LSD Trip Melange

Fortunately it is a cosy sweatshirt with a high collar, and no-one knows the name when you wear it.

I think that someone should tell them that naming your sweatshirts things like I Will Fuck Your Brain ceased to be cool and edgy around the time the Sex on the Beach cocktail hit the mass market.

They do get it right sometimes, though: the Jedi Path looks exactly what a Jedi would wear on a chilly planet. Luke probably has one stashed in a cupboard on Skellig Michael.


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12 June 2018 @ 09:59 pm
Truly, what Versailles needed to give it that extra touch of sophistication was the arrival of the man in the iron mask.

The first two episodes of the series do seem to have greatly reduced levels of nudity so far, which of course does not mean zero. Perhaps they are saving it all up to go out with a giant orgy?

It is ridiculous tosh without redeeming social importance but I find it rather fun nonetheless.

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