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14 April 2019 @ 11:34 am
I feel sure that there must be a word - probably specific slang - for this, but I can't think what it could be.

I want to describe someone leaving the British army - voluntarily - at the end of a long career. This is taking place in the 1920s. Essentially he's retiring, but while I can use retiring I feel there should be something more precise.

ETA: Solved!

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Clearly if Elrond cared so much about his daughter not marrying a mortal he ought to have made sure that she spent at least a year being annoyed by each successive heir of the Dúnedain toddling round going "But why, Lady Arwen?"

OTOH, perhaps Elrond did remember, and that's why Arwen wasn't around: she'd had it up to here with the whole thing, and this time as soon as Gilraen turned up, Arwen packed her bags for Lórien. Which unfortunately meant that she arrived back in Rivendell just in time to think he was rather sweet, if not particularly interesting to her personally, as a handsome twenty year old who was feeling pretty good about himself after performing great deeds in company with his (many times removed) cousins, and then think "cor, he turned out all right" when they met another thirty years later. Which to my mind Galadriel definitely arranged.

Yes, I am slowly making my way through the Appendices.

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09 April 2019 @ 09:55 pm
For a summer holiday, should I just book a week in a hotel for hiking in the Alps now against the prospect of the pound crashing on Friday, or do I hope the pound won't crash (any more) until December, and go on a more expensive holiday (which would involve more thinking about that I haven't done) that I won't be able to when the pound has crashed next year? Decisions, decisions.

In other news, [personal profile] antisoppist acted as enabler in the purchasing of this splendid Orrefors jug that was in the window of Oxfam at the weekend. It is now installed on the 'interesting objects' shelf of the bookcase. I may allow myself to use it from time to time. It is beautifully balanced, and the green glass reflects in the water when you pour. Perfect condition, £50, against three times that much new. Clearly there is not much market locally for Swedish glassware.

Orrefors Nobel jug

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02 April 2019 @ 07:05 pm
So the big plan after is to do what she should have done three years ago, talk to other parties - and then blame Labour for nearly three years of Tory failure. Got it.

Let's remember, this was a 7 hour cabinet meeting, for which there is no way they weren't all but strip-searched for their phones, their spare phones, their agents' phones, and their kids' phones, and then corralled in Number 10 until after the PM's statement, because it is very, very plain that the cabinet can't be trusted.*

Labour would be insane to agree to any plan not 'signed off' by a referendum. Unfortunately they** are led by Jeremy Corbyn.

*Oh Nigel Boles, I never heard of you before today, but for you interview stating that the next Tory PM cannot be someone who has been a member of the cabinet for the past three years due to [insert list of flaws and failings here] I will nonetheless dredge up some respect.

**We, because I haven't yet resigned despite everything because I won't yet let the bastards win and I intend to be there to vote them out, though my subscription is down to the bare minimum.

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01 April 2019 @ 01:07 pm
Fic: A Lady High and Valiant by [personal profile] nineveh_uk
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R.Tolkien
Rating: G, CNTW
Chapters: 1
Length: 1316 words
Summary: And Éomer kissed his sister and saw that though she wept, yet it was but the weeping of grief for one who had been as a father to them, and though her shield-arm lay still in a linen sling, her face showed a woman hale and full of hope. Éowyn and Éomer meet again in Minas Tirith after the crowning of the King.

The main lesson of this fic is that I should have done a keyboard shortcut for É when I started writing...

Still at home feeling rubbish. I did actually get dressed for work today, as I am supposed to be on a training course, but I felt too horrendous to actually leave the house and went back to bed.

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But not this day! Today the buggers must be gouged out of the bedrock.

Apparently the downside of having sudden ideas for Tolkien-fic, which lo I have not had in these many years of being a LotR fan, is that I have to come up with titles and summaries for it and it is even more hellish than usual. Ah well, tomorrow...

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29 March 2019 @ 11:19 am
Nothing is as reassuring that you shouldn't be at work as making the 10 minute work phone call you promised and being completely and utterly flattened afterwards. On the plus side, other people at work have what sounds like the same thing, so for once it isn't just me being hors de combat.

Shall I watch parliament on TV this afternoon? Probably not. Seeing the whole shambles is just too painful, I'd rather follow it in the Guardian. A friend linked to this in the New Statesman, which I thought was quite good, in a weary way, on how very, very much British political leaders are to blame. But really, John Crace says everything you need to know and captures the surreal and despairing quality both. Though I always have to remind myself that he is not also the novelist who wrote that tremendously boring Whitbread-winning novel about Jesus; that's Jim Crace.

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27 March 2019 @ 04:30 pm
I am home from this year's skiing holiday, and naturally therefore I am off sick today with what is probably some sort of virus, which I suspect my immune system of fighting off quite well the previous 10 days and then letting its guard down when the critical moment had passed. Anyway, I had a brilliant holiday. There was plenty of snow, though quite a lot of it was whipping across the fellside in a vicious wind, bright sunshine that at least made the windchill manageable, and the bruises are halfway faded. One day my feet may forgive me.

Snowy landscape

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24 March 2019 @ 08:13 am
I think it unlikely that there is anyone on my flist who is interested in, and eligible for, signing the Revoke Article 50 petition who hasn't done so, but in case there is, the link is here. At the time of posting it is on 4,834,047 signatures.

No, government policy isn't going to be dictated by a petition, nor should it be, but at the moment government policy (such as there is any) is being dictated by an extremist response to a fraudulent referendum, and anything that provides a visible counter-narrative to the line that a catastrophic Brexit is 'the will of the people' is a good thing.

You can check the current tally of signatures here.

*Great. Now I'm hearing that to the tune of "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof.

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11 March 2019 @ 06:00 pm
To those disappointed with David Tennant's look for Crowley in Good Omens I have two things that may, as Mary Bennett almost put it, pour the into the wounded bosoms of each other the balm of fannish consolation.

(1) He does look incredibly like those Medieval paintings/MS illustrations of the Serpent with flowing locks. It's an informed choice, if not going to be everyone's favourite choice.

(2) If I'd been the costumer/make-up designer, and it was my headcanon, you'd have had him looking like Trevor from The Good Place with just an extra dash of 80s estate agent. I'm not kidding. Think how much worse it could be!

While I'm on the subject, a rec. I don't particularly ship Aziraphale/Crowley, but how often do you get a fic that includes fake articles from Sight and Sound about the Derek Jarman film "Sodom: On the Head of a Pin" and a fake Anglo-Saxon article with yr actual Anglo-Saxon?

such surpassing brightness at AO3

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