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The experience of preparing to get things done at work in order to be ready to go holiday rendering one in desperate need of a holiday. OK, I admit it would have helped if I had done the thing I spent all morning on a month or so a go, but there are reasons I didn't, namely that there were other extremely urgent things to do and I didn't have a spare day for this. Which is now both urgent and overdue.

Meanwhile I continue to fail to buy new walking shoes, which means I shall have to do even the easy walking in my leather boots, which are comfortable, but a bit over the top on some occasionas, and also the weather is looking a bit mixed. Of my travails with the Swiss railway ticket booking website, I shall not speak.

And finally, Good Omens fandom, I beseech you, can we call a halt to the every more tortuous attempts to come up with a cutesy name for Armageddon not having happened? It was funny the first couple of times, it has long since joined the sort of things that belong in an office party in Hell.

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06 July 2019 @ 07:54 am
I see that after last year's surfeit of flamingos, the print du jour is now the lobster. And indeed although it is perhaps not quite as ubiquitous as the flamingo, nonetheless, John Lewis has an inflatable one.

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30 June 2019 @ 09:21 am
My mother has accidentally got a book out of the library for holiday reading* that is a Sherlock Holmes/Cthulhu mythos crossover. Apparently the green snaking tentacles and the words "A Cthulhu Casebook" above the title were insufficient information to someone who hadn't heard of Lovecraft and didn't have any particular associations with them. Though unexpected eldritch hasn't stopped her reading it, it is definitely not what she was expecting.

* They are in the Yorkshire Dales for a week, I for a few days. In a terrible disappointment, the mains water here is from a difference source from north Leeds/Harrogate.

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25 June 2019 @ 07:12 am
Something* seems to be reminding me lately that I am the past owner of a couple of black silk shirts, ones of which - a rather nice sandwashed number - I had completely forgotten, but which when I asked my mother if I had owned such a thing, because I had forgotten so much I wanted to check, she instantly replied that of course I had. This absence from my wardrobe clearly needs to be remedied for the autumn.

Something that I will definitely not be buying this autumn is Boden's 'Olivia' skirt, which looks like this:

Boden Olivia skirt, navy with union jacks embroidery on it.

Boden in recent years has had a number of jumpers with Union Jacks on, ditto dresses, and spoiled tweed jackets' with 'London' linings covered with black cabs, flags etc. In the present climate it feels off-putting to say the least; there is no doubt a customer who would consider wearing that skirt in autumn 2019, but I am definitely not them. Add it to their non-hilarious 'the EU has banned us selling stripey Breton tops' 2019 April Fools email, and one definitely gets a sense that Jonnie Boden is not targeting my custom.

*By which I mean Good Omens.

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20 June 2019 @ 07:21 pm
I loved it. It isn't perfect - for me, episode 5 is definitely the weakest - but its flaws are essentially those to be expected from the book, and after waiting for decades I am delighted that this is the imperfect version that we get. Right, coherence isn't working: bullet points it is. There's a lot of 'I love' in here. Also some adaptation spoilers.

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In the meantime, have the dancing scene set to some new music...

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After he was dropped from Hell's payroll, Crowley opened a garden centre...

Good Omen Plants

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04 June 2019 @ 09:56 pm
Fic: A civil aspect by [personal profile] nineveh_uk
Fandom: Good Omens
Rating: G, CNTW
Chapters: 1
Length: 812 words
Summary: Michael and Beelzebub have their own lines of communication, and their own way of dealing with traitors.

Because apparently give me a slightly bigger fandom and I incline to minor characters and keep things small... Still, it's a toe in the water.

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03 June 2019 @ 10:53 am
I had a lovely weekend with Dad, in which I managed to squeeze in 3 episodes of Good Omens by watching them at 6:30am in the morning on successive days, and now I have three left to go tonight. I am mostly avoiding adaptation spoilers so far, but I’ve seen a few and my resistance is growing weaker. Fortunately I don’t have to hold out for long. Verdict so far is that I love it, because by and large the creative team and I are on very much the same wavelength about the important things.

Dad and I had an excellent time, with tapas on Friday, a 9 mile walk on Saturday (thanks to [personal profile] white_hart whose walking posts provide an excellent source of suggestions), and the RSPB reserve at Otmoor on the Sunday. Wildlife highlights included swifts, swallows, an egret, a deer, and lots of birdsong on Saturday. Sunday failed to produce basking lizards, alas, but did come up with marsh harriers (female and male pair), kestrel, sedge warbler, cuckoo (song), and – definitely the highlight – a bittern in flight.

Also, after Mysterious Foot Pain for a couple of months that peaked last weekend and made me worry for my walking holiday, let alone walking this weekend, I found the solution in ridiculously expensive socks that were £30 from Boots and worth every penny. So this is a 5 start review for the Orthosleeve FS6 compression foot sleeve. I have never known such remorseless elastic. On Sunday I was hobbling, on Saturday I did a 9 mile walk, such is the testimonial.

For the visit of Donald Trump, I can only refer to this student living beneath the Heathrow flight path and mowing a message.

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