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In the meantime, have the dancing scene set to some new music...

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After he was dropped from Hell's payroll, Crowley opened a garden centre...

Good Omen Plants

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04 June 2019 @ 09:56 pm
Fic: A civil aspect by [personal profile] nineveh_uk
Fandom: Good Omens
Rating: G, CNTW
Chapters: 1
Length: 812 words
Summary: Michael and Beelzebub have their own lines of communication, and their own way of dealing with traitors.

Because apparently give me a slightly bigger fandom and I incline to minor characters and keep things small... Still, it's a toe in the water.

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03 June 2019 @ 10:53 am
I had a lovely weekend with Dad, in which I managed to squeeze in 3 episodes of Good Omens by watching them at 6:30am in the morning on successive days, and now I have three left to go tonight. I am mostly avoiding adaptation spoilers so far, but I’ve seen a few and my resistance is growing weaker. Fortunately I don’t have to hold out for long. Verdict so far is that I love it, because by and large the creative team and I are on very much the same wavelength about the important things.

Dad and I had an excellent time, with tapas on Friday, a 9 mile walk on Saturday (thanks to [personal profile] white_hart whose walking posts provide an excellent source of suggestions), and the RSPB reserve at Otmoor on the Sunday. Wildlife highlights included swifts, swallows, an egret, a deer, and lots of birdsong on Saturday. Sunday failed to produce basking lizards, alas, but did come up with marsh harriers (female and male pair), kestrel, sedge warbler, cuckoo (song), and – definitely the highlight – a bittern in flight.

Also, after Mysterious Foot Pain for a couple of months that peaked last weekend and made me worry for my walking holiday, let alone walking this weekend, I found the solution in ridiculously expensive socks that were £30 from Boots and worth every penny. So this is a 5 start review for the Orthosleeve FS6 compression foot sleeve. I have never known such remorseless elastic. On Sunday I was hobbling, on Saturday I did a 9 mile walk, such is the testimonial.

For the visit of Donald Trump, I can only refer to this student living beneath the Heathrow flight path and mowing a message.

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27 May 2019 @ 11:49 am
Working from home to write a report undisturbed by email, phone, or nice colleagues just asking a quick question. Naturally this would be the day that my stereo decided not to switch on any more. OK, there are other options in these modern times so I am procrastinating working while listening to CDs on the computer instead, but it will be annoying to replace, not least because I like that it still has a cassette player on account of being a present in c.1999.

Of the "£*$&ing elections I shall not speak (much), but gosh was the email I received yesterday as a party member from my Labour MEP really, really forthright in placing the blame for this on the leadership. Interesting times etc...

Right, stop procrastinating!

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26 May 2019 @ 08:22 am
The Good Omens TV series is released on Friday.
All six episodes are released at once.
My father is visiting Friday - Monday.*
My father and I have many shared tastes, but one that divides us is that he is seriously allergic to anything that smacks of SF/fantasy. He also doesn't really care for Monty Python. He is completely unable to read Terry Pratchett.

You can see the problem.

Dad would have no objection to watching an episode with me, but if there is one thing I do not need in life it is watching the first, untested episode of a Pratchett adaptation with my father there thinking "Why is my daughter watching the rubbish?" He wouldn't be able to help it any more than I could in a similar situation. He would no doubt be happy to make himself scarce. Or I could, as I had planned, watch it first thing in the morning on the laptop, and that would be perfectly manageable. Except now I can't because there are six episodes at once and that is simply impossible.

And the true kicker? The one with that extra-special demonic touch?

I was the one who suggested it would be a good weekend for him to come. This weekend was also an option, but I will be working Monday and suggested that the travel home would be grim on the bank holiday. That'll teach me to be considerate.

I am going to miss the immediate fannish discussion. I am going to miss the immediate wank.** And above all, I am going to have to use superhuman levels of self-restraint not to get spoiled before I have the opportunity to watch it all. My soul is going to be severely tarnished on the envy, greed, and wrath fronts.

*We are going walking.
**Not entirely a bad thing, but I fear that fandom wank has a tendency to increase. It's not like "are Victor and Yuuri engaged?" has got less contentious over time.

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That I am finally doing the seasonal wardrobe swap*. Along the way I am managing to get rid of a few long-cherished things by going "Yes, this Gap pinafore was lovely in spring 1998, but it is a bit small and if you were invited to a Jane Austen ball you would in fact want to wear something else."

I kept the emergency vampire costume waistcoat, though. And the Death Eater skirt.

*I was away over Easter, or I might have done it then and regretted it.

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It is the European election tomorrow, so naturally it's time for the latest government meltdown.

Meanwhile I haven't decided who to vote for and my poll card hasn't turned up. Again. Will be complaining to the Post Office - at least once I have double-checked that I haven't shoved it in a drawer. It is mostly annoying because it means I have to spell my name out so the clerks can find it.

But mostly AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wretched bloody mess we are all in.

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Having angested last month as to what to do for a summer holiday this year pending possible (further) crash in the pound due to Brexit, I ended up (1) deciding that yes, I really do want to do a trip to the Canadian Rockies or Yellowstone, and (2) commitments I already have for this summer mean that it won't be this year. Such things need to be the main event around which a summer is built, not squashed in between a long weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, Norwich, and Götterdämmerung at the Edinburgh Festival.

So therefore I decided that what I wanted from a summer holiday this year was a fighting chance of good weather, time outdoors, and for it to be easy to sort out*, and thus as well as buying the Rough Guide to Banff, Jasper, and Glacier National Parks, I decided that I would actually go back to where I went two years ago - hiking in St Anton am Arlberg, and indeed to the same hotel. Because while it is reassuring to know that a comfy bed, pleasant staff, reasonable travel logistics, and delicious food all await, this leaves my brain to concentrate on the thing that won't be repeated - some amazing hiking.**

Which is why two months in advance I have spent much of today and some time yesterday not doing the things I ought, but salivating over maps and trails and people's photos and write-ups, because everything is on the internet. I had, alas, concluded that the 2km path that takes 4 hours probably involves a bit more rock climbing than I am equipped for, but no fear! Someone has done an alternative route and written a detailed review of both it and the next bit of the long distance path that I did in 2017 and can judge his comments on, and thus I already know that - weather permitting, because unlike him I won't be doing it if it snows - I should be fine. Scree and precipitous paths thereon shall yet be mine!

The only thing it lacks is vampires, but you can't have everything. Though maybe I could be inspired to write more hiking vampires/. And in the meantime, the sitcom of What We Do in the Shadows starts tonight. Plus doing some training, because my fitness is really not what it ought to be for what I shall want to do.

*Something that would be likelier if I had a different personality.
**Plus the Aqua Dome thermal baths at Längenfeld, which I didn't manage last time. I do love giant thermal spas.

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