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Consultant today for isotretinoin check-up and blood test. Apparently I exhibit (for the benefit of the medical students) the typical "isotretinoin face". This is undoubtedly true, although I did point out that some of the redness was due to running for 10 minutes due to being late and half the flakiness due to a cold. In fact I am having relatively few of the side-effects, and none of the more inconvenient ones. Peeling lips are inevitable and driving me up the wall, but my face is manageable and the slightly bloody nose no more than I get every time I have a mild cold. A repeat prescription is mine. Also, happily, is alcohol, my liver function tests being nicely within normal, unlike the last times proving both that I probably have Gilberts syndrome and how incredibly run down I was in the Autumn and just after Christmas, as well as providing another Teaching Opportunity for the students.

Oh, and to give extra thanks for the NHS, in the USA, bastion of non-government intervention in healthcare, by law men have until recently had to wait 23 days to prove they aren't pregnant to get this stuff...
Tags: all hail the nhs
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