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They do things differently there

Since I mourned the demise of Aftenposten’s news in English I have wanted a replacement without, as is so often the case, hunting very hard for it. I think now, though, I have found it. No one volume could replace the drunk elk AND the economics of oil rigs, but the combination of and does its best, along with occasional input from the ineffably dull The latter is the Copenhagen Post. I assume that the web address is an attempt to translate the Danish abbreviation KBH. I don’t think it works. I feel the headline ‘Doctor Penis’ guilty of tax fraud sums it up completely. Norway Post lacks the routine drunken elk, but otherwise has the politics, landslides and snow chaos we know and love. The real find, though, is definitely the Swedish The Local, which mixes Metro-level serious stories with glories such as Swedish hockey fans delay match with dildo downpour. Actually, I love this story. It is inconceivable in any other country, not least for the magnificently blasé response of the protagonist in this macho sport, and the venue’s management:

“We’d also heard mention of it, but we decided that it would only be worse if we went out and told the fans they were absolutely not allowed to throw dildos on the ice,” said AIK club head Mats Hedenström to the newspaper.
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