nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

The Bethlehem Landowner’s Moabite Bride

Or the Book of Ruth, as it is usually known. After the long slog through the Pentateuch - and Joshua, which turned out to be about fighting the battle of Jericho and then dividing lots of land - I have finally reached the good bits of the Bible. I am presently on I Samuel, and the David soap opera (or "The King's Son's Musical Shepherd") is going nicely. I don't know how that US fundamentalist (for a value of fundamentalist that means "haven't read the text" gets on with Judges. That naughty Jael! Not asking her husband before she invited a man to stay in the tent.

I have also decided on a summer holiday. I really need a break, and for once not one on which I spend every day looking round cities, visiting friends, or hiking up and down mountains. I heard myself uttering such words as "I'm tempted just to go to a spa for a week". I want to look at some attractive scenery, have someone else cook my meals and wash up after them, see some interesting things, and to relax. So after considerable Googling, and frustration that anywhere cheap is either very hot at this time of year or I don't speak (i.e. read) the language at all, and I really want an easy holiday, I think I've narrowed it down to the Austrian lakes, south of Salzburg. Lakes! Cycling! Thermal baths! Interesting towns! The Sound of Music! Of course, I may yet end up somewhere else entirely, but I'm definitely narrowing it down.
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