nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Home from the Holidays

Back from the Frozen North, where the bad weather at least had the grace to wait until after I had been to the fifth day of the Headingley Test. Having to wear gloves when walking to the Post Office does seem a bit unfair in the first half of August.

I was about to post a long simultaneously guilty and self-justifying post about not having completed my femgenficathon story, but have discovered just in time that the deadline has been extended. Hurrah! The theme remains, however, that I am finding it hard to write something that qualifies as genfic. I had assumed that because I don’t tend to write romance and sex I wrote gen by default. In practice, that doesn’t seem to be the case, especially when the current WiPs seem to involve relationships between daughters and mothers, exes, male narrators, and use of the phrase “orgy of the damned”. If story is fundamentally about love, even if it’s not romantic love, does it still qualify as gen? I certainly hope so, as that might give me a chance of coming up with something in time other than a usual-suspect Black sister fic.
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