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Random things make a post

(1) Finally finished the meme fic thoughts of the previous post, including sparkly Wimseyverse vampires. I was a bit disappointed that none of you mentioned my favourite scene, in which Harriet considers Peter to have the body of a sparkling marble tribute to some forgotten pagan God.

(2) Discovered in Waterstones at lunchtime, Mr Darcy, Vampire. It is not that I object to such things - far from it - but I do wish they could be better written so that I can enjoy the finished result. The bandwagon for this one appears to be rolling merrily: a similar work by another author, Vampire Darcy's Desire is published in December.

(3) Off to Galway tomorrow night for a long weekend. There is even a possiblity that the weather will be fine for some of the time. It has also reminded me that I really need to buy a good woolly jumper that will go over other things. There will be a 20 month old child in the house, which will no doubt be an interesting experience as well as requiring rather more energy than when he was content to sit and play with a wooden spoon. I have bought a copy of the magnificent Mrs Plug the Plumber as a bribe.

(4) I have just spent a happy five minutes filling in the feedback form for a workplace Weblearn course which turned out not to be Weblearn Fundamentals (appropriate, because I know almost nothing about it) but internet fundamentals - introduction followed by 10 minutes practise on a bloody chatroom! As my comment put it, this was like turning up to "Beginner's French Cookery" and being taught not how to make a basic roux, but how to eat with a spoon.
Tags: fandom, sparkly leprous vampire biblefic
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