nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Random fandom

It occurs to me that I made a mistake in imagining that the sequel to The More Loving One, the Peter-dies-of-Alzheimer’s fic proposed by azdak in the recent meme, involves Harriet killing Peter. In fact, I ought to have known that Bunter shoots Peter, then himself. Possibly this is after finding out about the infamous rape scene of the preceding fic. Harriet finds them.

I am presently re-reading Emma before the latest television adaptation starts on Sunday. On this reading I have been struck by how wondefully human Emma and Mr Knightley both are. Yes, they're heroine and hero. Yes, they both have flaws (we all know hers - his are an occasionally tendency to behave as if he has a poker up his bum, and mad, screaming, secret jealousy over Frank Churchill). But both of them are also essentially ordinary pleasant people who eventually learn that they are in love with one another and then get married. Emma, incidentally, is the first book I ever slashed. I read it at A-level, and we were firmly of the opinion that Mr Knightley was having a fling with William Larkins.
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