nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Wildlife moment

I went to North Leigh Roman Villa this morning. I didn't want to go for a lengthy walk, but having been round the ruins, as the hedgerows and woods of this part of the world are, for reasons presumably of climate and soil (or terroir, as Nigel Pargetter would put it) quite different from those of Yorkshire, I decided to wander a bit further along the footpath for a little stroll in the woods. I was halfway there when I saw the circling birds and stopped to see that they were indeed red kites, which I didn't realise made it so far into Oxfordshire. Standing watching them, there was a sudden and prolonged scream in the scrubby grass in front of me, and after a moment I saw a stoat dashing off burdened by something in its mouth. Death of a fieldmouse, I assume. I don't remember ever seeing a mammal kill something in the wild before (OK, I didn't see this, but it was two feet away and I certainly heard it).

On a related subject, BBC1, "Last Chance to See", whilst I do think that commercial whaling (leaving aside subsistence hunting of other species) is, because unavoidably enormously cruel, therefore wrong, it is nonetheless disingenuous to suggest that blue whales are being hunted commercially. I don't like that minke whales are being hunted so, and it certainly doesn't help the ecosystem, but let's keep our arguments honest, please.
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