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Yuletide Hell Game

ankaret linked to some jolly sensible advice on the writing of Yuletide prompts and how to (a) hopefully get something you’ll really like whilst (b) avoiding frightening your author so that she runs and hides in a ditch.

In the course of the post was some additional information on conventions in some anime fandom, which it appears are rather complex, but seem to boil down (once one has just given up on understanding the iffy foreign language numbering thing) to Harry/Draco being considered a different pairing from Draco Harry.

Which leads me to suggest a game/meme: write in comments the Yuletide prompt that you would hate to get. Others are then invited to try and write a sentence of it.

To get you started:

(1) Wimsey/Bunter (NOT Bunter/Wimsey, eww!)* ^^(trebizon)/gecko-alpha-gecko It's got to be a really plotty mystery (the more plot the better! I want them to trail criminals at night and have to use disguises, and there should be at least 4 cliffhangers) about how Peter has an illegitimate brother and Helen finds out, and tries to have him murdered. I don't want Harriet getting between Peter and Bunter. Barbara should be in it: maybe she and Harriet are having an affair LOL! Sub-plot: Bunter seduces Saint-George because he wants to top. RPF Mosley would be a bonus.

(2) Bunter/Winifred. Any.

* It is interesting to note that under this scheme there is no Wimsey/Bunter at all on the web, it all being Bunter/Wimsey. Which makes the fact that there is giant squid/Bunter (though not Bunter/giant squid) even scarier.

Even more incidentally, someone asked (perhaps metaphorically) on the LordPeter list where the Bunter fanfic is. I have not yet decided how to reply, but it is awfully tempting to make some suggestions...
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