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November Post

I have decided that November is the month of attempting to get on with things. At least some things. Some times.

- This started with seeing Sleeping Beauty on Saturday (not yet technically November, but never mind) in the excellent company of antisoppist. The design was fairly pink and pastel, but I rather liked it nonetheless. I have so far resisted the urge to turn the "plot" into lolcats: "Unexpected forest is unexpected". I am sure that I had a wand like the Lilac Fairy's when I was about 6, too. Driving pack from the Park and Ride at after midnight was a grim prospect when I was on the bus, because I was shattered, but once I got going ended up reminding me how much I enjoy driving at night on empty roads. Alas, though it will be dark when I go to Cambridge on Friday for the Heyer day, I doubt the roads will be empty unless the Rapture strikes between now and then.

- My attempt to turn over a new leaf by going to Beginners Pilates has been thwarted by the class being full, but I have booked for next week. Will I go for a run tonight instead? Erm...

- I have signed up to picowrimo and made a good start yesterday by tidying the sitting room so I now have space to write and don't feel guilty about the sitting room needing tidying. My goals are: to work on some original fic (the children's fantasy with wolves and implicit orgies - unless it is secret ritual Am Dram, of course), and to produce two bits of fanfic. We shall see how this goes.

- I went up to Leeds last weekend for a weekend with my parents that for the first time in ages did not have to fit in around plans for my sister's wedding. Alas, the weather was poor, but for someone who does not usually enjoy walking in inclement weather, Strid Wood in the rain was beautiful. There was an extraordinary amount of water in the river, which did not look the least tempting to jump*. Downstream, having reflected on the convenience of the place for murder, my father and I came up with a really excellent Golden Age plot so good that I'm not going to waste it in fanfic.

*Google tells me that Wordsworth wrote a poem involving an ill-fated attempt to jump, yet another bit of local literary history that didn't make it into my schooldays. Google also tells me that the Strid is the subject of a bit of Victorian Gothic slash. The author of the latter is, incidentally, correct about bodies getting trapped in the ledges underwater.
Tags: fandom, original fic
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