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To my Yuletide Writer

Thank you for signing up to Yuletide! I look forward to reading whatever it is that you write, and I hope that you enjoy writing it.

Some general info. to start.

I enjoy gen, het, or slash, though I’d prefer something with a rating G – R, rather than the NC-17 thrusting of hungry todgers in textbook anatomical detail (I don’t mind if they thrust, but I prefer not to see the David Attenborough close-up). I like characters with a reasonable connection to canon, to learn fascinating things I didn’t know, mystery, drama, romance (but preferably not candy-floss fluff), death, angst (angst with a point to it), insouciant good humour, close character study, enormous big plot. Not necessarily all at once. I don’t like the equivalent of Ron-bashing when a character is made a psychotic axe-murderer in order to clear them out of the way, though if you have a great idea that needs them to be out of the way, a quiet divorce, a new job or a long trip abroad could always be an option and that’s fine!

1) I adore just about everything and anything about the Wimsey books. I’ve requested early Peter because it’s a part of his life that we know quite a bit about, but not in much detail. I enjoy reading about the supporting cast, too, but haven’t selected them because I don’t want to tie you down. But if you fancy including any of Parker, Bunter, Mary, even Barbara, OCs, or characters I haven’t mentioned, please feel free. As I noted in my sign-up, I’d prefer not a focus on the Visceral Muddy Horror of the Trenches, but I certainly don’t mean that you can't mention – or set your story in – the war, and I’d be perfectly happy if you did.

2) I mentioned politics, and I’d like something that explores how the setting of Euphrania works – or doesn’t – in the wider world. Albeit not necessarily a very big wider world. I have to admit that I find Cinderalla a rather drippy character, though if you can make her non-drippy that’s fine! I have a slight weakness for Prince/John slash, but it’s by no means necessary. A Ruritania or Chalet School crossover could be brilliant, but if you’d rather not touch that with a bargepole, something else entirely will certainly make me happy. I’d prefer a cheerful tone rather than heart-rending tragedy – unless you have a great idea for HRT, of course!

3) The Chalet School! I think that Kathie’s one of the most interesting characters, because she isn’t immediately won over by all aspects of the school even though she very much wants to be there. I think she’s a surprisingly realistic depiction of a young woman in her first job, enjoying it but sometimes not agreeing with everything, finding it tough and making mistakes. Because of that, I’d be interested in any story focussing on her, though I do enjoy depictions of her relationship with Miss Wilmot (oops. Have just noticed that my optional details given Nell Wilson where I meant Nancy Wilmot), either as friendship or romance.

Have a very merry Yuletide!
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