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So it seems that I should not be allowed out on a school night. Now resuming normal service.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I must make mention of two wholly unexpected presents:

(1) Some time ago I mentioned the existence of a Finnish pr0n novel featuring Peter Wimsey and Bertie Wooster. Going so far beyond the call of duty that she now waves at LJ from Alpha Centauri, antisoppist has taken it upon herself not only to acquire the thing, but to translate and summarize it for the entertainment of the troops. Read it and boggle.

(2) bronze_ribbons offers a Bujold/Sayers crossover, in which Ivan and Jerry commiserate with one another over the attitude of certain steely-minded individuals. I am thoroughly in favour of Jerry not dying in the war when this is the outcome.

Thank you both very much indeed!


I have seven weekdays left to go until I have a fortnight off work at Christmas, and – obviously – I am counting down. I am absolutely and utterly shattered. It’s really infuriating; holidays should be about having free time to enjoy, not recuperating in order to be sent back to the salt mines. Still, come next weekend I shall be on the road north (not the train! This will make packing an awful lot easier), just as long as I survive this weekend’s motorway driving lesson. Then I have a glorious two weeks of not having to get the bus in the morning, and other people doing a great deal of the cooking. Oh, and Christmas, to which I am as always looking forward enormously, though it will be hard to top last year’s Christmas dinner balloon modelling extravaganza, and New Year, though here it will definitely be impossible to top last year’s Viennese extravaganza.
Tags: dls, fic rec, finnish wimsey wierdness, real life
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