nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Minor triumph + Etsy help required

I have just bought a ticket for Der Rosenkavalier at the ROH on Sunday afternoon! I forgot about it when sales opened, but have got lucky with a return. £21, D36 in the Amphitheatre. Now I need to think about what to wear. Black may be a bit excessive for the afternoon. Maybe grey and cream embroidered Russian-ish wool skirt. I'm relieved it is in the afternoon, so it may be a tiring day but at least I shall get to bed at a decent hour.

Can anyone recommend a good UK-based Etsy seller, or online source in general, for a pretty fabric purse (wallet rather than clasp style, with open-out notes section, coins, and cards), which I have committed to for a Christmas present and cannot find?
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