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I had a lovely Christmas day, beginning with going sledging after breakfast. I have never seen snow like this at Christmas. It’s melting, freezing and unpleasant now, but it managed to be lovely on Christmas morning – it had fallen as English snow, but transformed overnight into powder, and the weather was perfect, blue and yellow sky, just below freezing, and not a breath of wind. I have some brilliant presents, and am amused that despite their saying that having pierced ears will open new opportunities in giving Christmas presents, no-one has ventured to buy me earrings.

Yuletide. I was the lucky recipient of an absolutely massive (and fortunately very well-written) Wimsey/Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover. It was so long (19,000 words) that I’ve only just managed to finish reading it! It is fairly Torchwood-heavy at the start, narrated from Captain Jack’s POV for reasons that become obvious, with later shifts to Peter and Bunter. All manage to be terrifically in-character, with early, nervily brilliant Peter, and a nicely competent and understated Bunter. Though it doesn’t answer the biggest mystery of all, how Peter acquired his terrific German in the first place. For those less familiar with the other fandoms, all you need to know about Harkness is that he is essentially a parody of the oversexed, overpaid and over here American airman, a sexual enthusiast and mildly dishonest time-traveller from the 51st century possessed of a sort of wrist-watch teleportation device (the fic isn't really a Torchwood crossover except insofar as Captain Jack is involved). I don’t know much of Old Who beyond the basics, having seen only a few episodes that I can remember – the Doctor in question here is Patrick Troughton, the episode “The War Games”.

I have rather mixed feelings about Yuletide moving to the “Archive of Our Own” and the archive itself (starting with “what do you mean, ‘our’?”, and that’s without having any great knowledge of or past issues with OTW). Uploading was very easy. Browsing can be stunningly counterintuitive. It took so long to load on Christmas morning that I lost the window I had for reading the fic written for me and couldn’t manage it until this morning. Most of all I’m unhappy about some of the issues around “user” (as opposed to writer) generated content linked to stories, for a reason that I can’t give until 2010 but which is making me consider whether I want to have any non-Yuletide fics posted there. I am also wryly amused by how much the latest yuletide_admin post is a blatant plug for AO3.
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