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Update & Yuletide

Back in Oxford, after a very tedious drive. An awful lot of people seemed to have chosen this afternoon to gently prang one another on the M1 - nothing serious, but a hell of a lot of slow patches. Still quicker than the train, though. Nonetheless, after driving back from visiting a friend in the Wolds for the day on Friday to discover that 4-5 inches of snow had fallen en route during the afternoon, I would like my next journey to involve no snow, road works nor traffic jams. The drive up to Leeds did have one notable moment - switching on Radio 3 to hear a performance of the Czech carol that produced the most hated carol of primary school, with the inevitable chorus "Hi-dum, hi-dum, tickle your bum, hi-dum, hi-dum frying pan". The original was rather better.

Christmas was generally excellent. Major presents were liqueur (for various fortified wines) glasses, a dressmaker's dummy (making the move to a bigger home even more important), and Complete Yes (Prime) Minister DVDs. Despite not trying, I also managed to do quite well in the sales, and have earrings (one pair), work jacket, silk summer top (very Somerset Maugham, I'm sure I could die of cholera or be shot by my drunk husband in Siam most convincingly in it), and various bits and bobs. I did not, however, acquire any household things, as I have nowhere to put them.

New Year's Resolutions: the last two years I have made the resolution to spend more more money on having fun. This has worked fairly well, so this year's resolution is "spend about the same amount of money on having fun". I also need to move house to somewhere bigger, whether or not I have a mortgage on it. this may or may not be Oxford - the job is better these days (though not the general office; I am reminded of the madness by the number of temps we get through should we ever need one), but I still have no desire to buy an incredibly expensive house in an area I don't want to live.

Finally, the Yuletide story I wrote was The Sceptre at the Feast, which is Saint-George focussed. This year's clue to authorship was a vague nod towards Bunter/Saint-George, which was probably as obscure as expecting people to guess last year's from a joke about White Slavery panic.
Tags: wimseyfic, yuletide challenge
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