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Wimseyslash rec

As part of her efforts reccing Sayers fanfic in crack_van’s December Small Fandoms Month, azdak recommended the fic London, November 1917 by atropos_too. This is noteworthy for several reasons:

(1) It involved asking the author to finish a fic that had been lying fallow for several years, and atropos_too seized the day and did it.

(2) As Yuletide once again fails to deliver Wimsey slash, a new Wimsey/Bunter fic is always welcome.

(3) It’s a terrific short fic, absolutely original in its presentation of Bunter in particular as a man who has very much not sprung fully formed from the brow of Jeeves, or even Crichton.

The rest of the city was swallowed in silence and smoke, leaving the two men eye to eye in a complicit silence. Moisture dripped from the unseen trees above their heads, waiting for the word, the gesture that would set off a long and dangerous chain of consequence.

"D'you have a light, Corporal?"

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