nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Wimseyfic WIP

I can't honestly say that I have a achieved a great deal this weekend, but in addition to not burning the bottom of the saucepan for the first time ever in making rice pudding, I have finally started work "from the beginning" (as opposed to just thinking about the fun scenes) on the Wimsey/Potterverse mpreg crossover of doom. With bonus valet-rogering. There is a point at which one has to stop thinking about the pseudo-science and start thinking about the plot. Although the pseudo-science is quite fun.

Have a paragraph.

Mr Bredon looked around the consulting room, which was more than usually festooned with more than usually mysterious things in jars, and considered the bearer of bad tidings seated on the other side of the desk. Considering the blow he had just delivered, the man looked quite inconsiderately cheerful, although that might have been his natural expression. Bredon wrenched his thoughts back from what one might visit upon naturally cheerful people with a couple of heavy jars, and addressed the situation at hand.

‘I hesitate to impugn a man of your professional standing, Dibbins, but you are quite sure that it isn’t cancer?’

ETA: If anyone has any references/links for info on the British Library c. 1926 they would be gratefully received.
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