nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Calling bookwormsarah

Once again proving that it is not feminists who denigrate the male sex, Domestic Felicity* thinks that ironing is beyond the capabilities of men. Their poor little brains aren’t cut out for it. I am refraining from commenting. I am not, however, refraining from thinking what would happen if Mervyn Bunter had five minutes with the exponents of the prairie muffin worldview. He is not a man to whom one could safely put the view that being capable of wielding an iron and preferring things moderately tidy means that one is de facto a member of an inferior group. Especially because he spent a lot of time with people who thought it of him.

* “I’m a submissive housewife – who just happens to have picked exactly the life I have decided suits me, and have exactly the same personality now as when I was a bolshie teenager and the despair of the poor woman who is my mother”. DF is at least interesting in that she is an Orthodox Jew (though I'm not sure what her community religious practice involves, and it is hard to imagine her letting any religious authorities tell her what to do) living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and so decidedly out of the run of the mill of US Christian right-wingers usually writing these kinds of blogs. She is also intelligent and well-educated - I think English is her third language.
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