nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Ian Carmichael

The Ian Carmichael television adaptations of Sayers' Wimsey novels are too dated televisually for me to enjoy them. There is a before-my-time quality that just makes me irritated, and I don't particularly agree with his interpretation of the character, either. But I owe him a debt, nonetheless, for helping maintain the books in the public consciousness. An awful lot of people liked his portrayal a lot, so clearly he was getting a lot right.

Lord Peter himself would certainly have sympathised with this quote in the Times obituary:

He had, possibly, one professional regret. He once remarked: “My ambition is to become a romantic leading man (his role model was Rex Harrison) but it is hard to achieve when the public wants you to be funny all the time.”

Also on the theme of Ian Carmichael as Wimsey, who on earth is writing the Radio 7 episode summaries? Whoever it is, they are obsessed with the words "sleuth" and "probe". Take this episode of MMA: "The posh sleuth's undercover probe sees someone get a pasting meant for him"
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