nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Sweden! Sweden!

Somewhat unexpectedly, in three weeks time I shall be downhill skiing in Sweden. Eek!

Youngest sister and I had decided that she wanted a break, probably around Easter, and suggested we do something. She then found a surprisingly affordable week skiing in Sweden - in term-time, when I am not normally allowed leave. But! My line manager had said at my informal probationary review meeting (Friday) that I ought to try to be more assertive. She is quite right. So I decided to practice being assertive by asking for said week's leave. And got it. I am going to be horrendously busy until then (two and a half weeks, oh help), especially as I have a really big project on in a fortnight, but I shall gird my loins and endure.

I am really terribly excited. We are going to Vemdalen, which is really titchy, but that's OK because I can't Alpine ski at all, YS is an "improver" and just wants to go around quiet slopes brushing up her skills without scary French teenagers zooming past, and neither of us is bothered about après ski. I can hire some cross-country skis, and YS can have a go on a snowscooter (if she is approved for the mortgage, that is). I must also confess that I am moderately excited to be flying into Östersund, a town of very little interest except that on a holiday to Sweden when I was 16 it stood marking a point north that I knew there was no hope of persuading my parents to get to. I can't wait! Except that I really need the next couple of weeks to go very, very slowly.
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