nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

BBC commentary strikes again

(1) There was a British team in this heat, and after the first leg they were in fifth. Acknowledgement of existence (and that something seems to have happened on the final leg) might have been nice. You know, given the amount of coverage the curlers get is "Ooh, fifth! Won't last, though" too much to ask. [Ah - ludicrously young chap has a cold, and crashed. Actually, the British youngsters are good for their age. Shame we don't have enough depth for there to be a realistic prospect of their going on to greater things.]

(2) That bunch of people in the crowd in blue and yellow? The ones the camera keeps lingering on? The bloke who looks like a particularly dull banker with the glamorous wife? It's the Swedish royal family.

(3) I'm watching this on an overloaded internet stream, so that for most of the men's final I've only had sound and no picture, whilst BBC red button shows "25 Years of Eastenders Quiz".

(4) No! I don't know if he's looking pretty good. I can't see him!

(5) Good to see Nystand and Sachenbacher (Germany) win the women's - old faces from when I watched on Channel 4 and did the ironing.

(6) Men's race. Connection lost in the home straight! Come back on and Norway have stormed through. Wretched internet!

(7) Ski cross. If I wanted to watch people snonwplough and fall over I'd follow the nursery slope webcams.
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