nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

WIP meme

The WIP meme that's been going round (last seen courtesy of a_t_rain). I suspect I am too cagey to be really good at this - I don't want to give anything away. Three fandoms, and two original stories.

(1)'My God, Aunt Harriet!' he said, gesturing at her bed-jacket. 'That’s not your own?'

(2)‘Observe the striæ here,’ she moved the unresisting head first one way then the other as a student in the front row made a dash to the door, a handkerchief to his mouth, ‘and here.’

(3)'Guardians,' said the headmistress, 'are so often difficult.'

(4)‘It’s very easy to take advantage of people when they want you to.’

(5)She tossed her cap on a table and saw that the maid had unpacked the bags brought round from her club and there was Alleyn again, standing in her white bedroom at Tatler’s End House, going through her things with thin and fastidious hands and a limp facade of professional detachment.

(6)‘Tell me,’ said Bredon, ‘what everybody knows about werewolves.’

(7)'He killed her father and she married him. What can you say of a woman like that?'

(8)‘Besides,’ he said, with a mixture of mischief and embarrassment, ‘one would be terribly nervous and it probably would be a disaster.’

(9)It was the music that was to prove the undoing of these undistinguished plans.

(10)'Not bad,' shrugged Herbert with approval, 'but no tits.'

(11)‘Arthur,’ said Lucius wearily, ‘your underling appears to have had a little mishap with the magic porridge pot.’
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