nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Today was cheered (a) by reviews suggesting that the Phantom of the Opera sequel was not as dire as previews suggested, but more especially by (b) the splendid azdak producing this - a romance novel cover version of the fic fragment in which Peter has Alzheimer's and Harriet/Bunter (there are two versions, this is the Bunter one) shoots him. Genius.

Also, someone on the LordPeter list suggested that given current bookshop contents, a fanfic challenge would probably end up in"Peter Wimsey, Vampire Hunter", "Peter Wimsey, Vampyre" or indeed Harriet as the vampire. At which point I had to confess (never being one to turn down the chance of self-promotion, though I did not link to the Twilight ones) having already written them all.
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