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Five things make a post

Sticking two fingers up at the OTC industry-funded (no, the Times front-page article didn’t mention that) “Self-Care Campaign”, I went to the GP yesterday and requested antibiotics for sinusitis. He was considering the best option before I even got to “and I’d like some antibiotics, please”. So I have a course of what he called “the Domestos of antibiotics” (kills most bacteria, cleans right round the bend), and an invitation for more if I’m not completely better at the end of the course.

I am making a knee-length skirt to go with Autumn’s new boots. The pattern is from the Burda magazine (cue irritating tracing and adding seam allowance), and pretty straightforward except that the design involves pockets. Not pockets in the seams, but pockets under a pleat. Right across the abdomen. Construction: complicated. Chances of use: nil. Happily my Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing, proved to have an entire chapter devoted to pockets and can tell me how to construct inseam ones instead.

Speaking of books, I must recommend the picture book Diary of a Wombat, an account of one wombat’s unflinching effort to train humans to be better pets. It is utterly adorable, and only the stoniest heart could resist muttering “subsidence” on the final page. The artist was the fourth to try for the job. Quoth the author: “The first one’s wombat was so Walt Disney it was revolting, the second one looked like road kill, and the third one was the wombat from the black lagoon.”

I am re-reading Death in White Tie and Marsh seems to be a bit confused about the season. I can accept the horrible foggy night in June, unfortunately, but if the next day is bright, sparkling sunshine (also plausible) why on earth is Troy wearing not only a velvet cap but (leather?) gloves and fur? As there is a fire lit some chapters later I can’t help feeling that Marsh wrote the book, realised she got the dates of the Season wrong, and then changed references to the month without changing anything else?

I have a backlog of books to post about, including linked thoughts on the autobiographies of women who have left the FLDS and Riders of the Purple Sage. But not today.
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