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Not particularly interesting post

I had a pleasant weekend in Cambridge, much of which was spent admiring people’s babies. Though I hope that the parents of the one with rather hairy ears don’t feed him after midnight. A quick visit to Galloway and Porter produced an excellent haul of three Eva Ibbotsons, Susan Howatch’s Glamorous Powers (since several people seems to be speaking highly of her Starbridge novels, though do I need to read Barchester first?), and AL Kennedy’s Day.

Slowing down to let the police car merge onto the road is a good idea. It would have been nice to have realised a split-second before rather than after flashing my headlights to indicate this, that doing so is in fact against the Highway Code (though stupidly so given that everyone naturally does it, and it can be necessary communication. A more nuanced approach is required). The journey also featured the first lambs of the season, which were gambolling (TM) in the manner proper to lambs.

The car journey also involved listened to a CD of Lloyd-Webber's latest. Verdict: much of the music rather good, book very poor, lyrics dreadful, and the title song suffered from the woman singing Christine having an appalling break between registers.

I have finally booked 4 nights in Venice with Youngest Sister. All recommendations for things to see, places to go, things to eat and so on will be gratefully received.

I am pleased to see that the US Senate has decided it is time that the country joined the developed world. Well done!
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