nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Say that I thought it would be amusing... add Overmastered to my eclectic handfull of fics at AO3, any suggestions as to how to tag the thing?

On the theme of slightly odd fics, the Wimsey/Potterverse crossover now involves Bunter in motorcycle leathers (erm, I trust they had them in 1926?), and the warnings (which I am writing instead of the fic, because they are easier, more fun, and thus more immediately gratifying) are now over 400 words in length, with still to come a citation to a journal article responsible (little does it know) for some of the more deranged pseudoscience, or at least there will be once I manage to Google the thing safely.

Finally and largely unrelatedly, can anyone confirm off the top of her head that the age of consent for women for (heterosexual) sexual intercourse in 1930 in Scotland was 16?
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