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Where are the Protestant Caledonians?

Thinking about the Galactic Milieu Trilogy, and pondering why the trilogy is so deeply unsatisfying compared to the Saga of the Exiles*, which I have just started re-reading, and the tremendous boringness of every significant human figure in GMT being a Catholic, and particularly the deep boringness of Dorothea MacDonald**, I wish that there were a bigger, fic-writing, Exiles fandom. Specifically, I wish there were an AU version of Magnificat in which a Presbyterian Diamond Mask refuses use her metapowers to save the galaxy, because it’s a Sunday.

ETA: I've just realised that an LDS version has tremendous potential. Think about it. What is Mental Man but the desire to rule a planet populated by one's spirit children? And given Marc Remillard's post-Pliocene career, isn't Atoning Unifex pretty much an allegory for the Heavenly Father?

*The answer possibly encapsulated in a line in the Wikipedia summary: “Upon Marc's retirement for the night, Rogi is attacked by a homicidal fish.”

**To which I would have no objection if May had intended her to be a deeply boring person, because deeply boring people can still be interesting fictional characters, except that Dorothea is meant to be an interesting person and an interesting character and is neither. She is the Christine Barford of the twenty-second century.
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