nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Really must say damn

This was supposed to be a busy weekend. Today I was going to go to Sarehole Mill Middle Earth weekend (and Barry's Fabric Superstore) in Birmingham. Tomorrow I was going to go to Ikea in Milton Keynes. Then this morning I got into the car and the driver's side front suspension spring broke (apparently it happens with Fords sometimes, and there have been potholes). The car is driveable to the garage, but I'm not risking a longer journey. I could still go to Birmingham by train from Oxford (original plan was to drive to Banbury, and get the train from there), but I wouldn't be there until mid-afternoon, with insufficient time to do everything I want. Or I could go to B'ham tomorrow, except that there is no direct train until 11:36, and the fabric shop isn't open anyway. This strikes me as not worth it. I could go to Ikea by bus, but (a) it would be horrid (the route isn't known as the vomit comet for nothing) and (b) would be pointless as I couldn't carry a small sofa home in a carrier bag.

I think I shall go into Oxford to the Ashmolean this afternoon, as I haven't been since it re-opened, and buy some secateurs so that I can take my irritation out on the shrubs, but the glorious feeling of accomplishment (and comfier sofa) I had intended to have at the end of tomorrow afternoon is just not going to happen. Grr.
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