nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Winged pinstripes

Most of us have run for the bus at some time or other (or train, but the train offers less possibility of emotionally-blackmailing the driver so much that he'll wait). It isn't a dignified procedure, head craned back over the shoulder, bags flying, the wrong kind of shoes.

Which is why the man who dashed past me in the cycle lane* last night was so impressive. He wasn't merely running for the bus, he was running for the bus in a suit, with briefcase, at a speed I have never seen anyone run outside an athletics stadium, and he was doing it over a distance of well over 200m. Should the 2012 Olympics make running for the bus an exhibition sport, I think the UK has a good chance of a gold medal.

*I was on the pavement, he was in the cycle lane. There were no cyclists at that point, had there been he would easily have outstripped them.
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