nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Burda, do thy worst!

I know that it is childish to laugh at such exciting dart terminology as pivot and slide, and slash and spread, but after taping together 40 A4 sheets of a Burda pattern, and working out how to do a FBA on a bodice with no darts, but pleats, I need something to amuse me. I think I have managed to do it, but so much for a quick and easy dress - and all for half an inch. The task was not made easier by having to use kitchen greaseproof paper rather than pattern tracing paper.

I saw Oh, What a Lovely War yesterday. New production that the Grauniad commented was the first to seem like a new production, not a revivial. Actually, I think a revival would have been better. It is so very much a period piece that I spent half the time imagining the History Boys encountering its presentation of Haig, and of course the silly accents were pre-Allo' Allo'. The singing was good, though, and an even-more-than-usual-for-a-matinee elderly audience (a couple in front of me were well into their nineties, judging by the age of their daughter) had a good stab at "Goodby-ee".
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