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Le weekend

My parents came down for the weekend, which means that my flat is extremely tidy and I haven’t done any washing so am running out of summer socks. Among other things, we went to Rousham Garden*, which was historical and interesting, and – most exciting for me, being second cousin to Gussie Fink-Nottle – particularly rich in newts. One pool was full of smooth newts, and another of great crested newts. I’ve never seen great crested newts before; they were very impressive and I managed to resist the urge to pick one up (yes, I know it’s illegal anyway, but a newt is hard to resist).

I also took my first steps in upholstery, courtesy of my mother and a staple gun. We started to cover this extremely average Ikea sofa. It still needs the arms doing (sans gun), but is making progress:

Springwatch: you probably shouldn’t say “halcyonic” unless you are actually referring to kingfisher habitat.

*Which didn’t allow under-15s. It struck us to wonder whether this is actually legal, and if so on what grounds? This wasn’t a recommendation, but a ban. If they wanted to avoid screaming people running around, they failed: we saw two separate groups of adults take a plunge in the cold bath.
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