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It is little I repair to the matches of the Southron folk

I wandered down to the Parks after work to watch the Varsity Twenty20. It was surprisingly well-attended, and quite entertaining, if unlikely to stir the old man's memory to the far-off days in his youth (well, it might have done, but in a fit of apoplexy rather than nostalgia), nor invoke quite the same image as the young Peter Wimsey scoring a century in successive innings*. I am definitely a convert to the pink ball, which was magnificently visible. I can understand nostalgia for the red ball winning out in Tests, but since there isn't any romance to lose in limited-overs cricket, let's have a ball we can all see and not the white one.

Now I need to look at my diary, and the summer schedule of internationals and sort myself to see Pakistan, Australia, or both at once, and fit this around the fact that the four weeks of holiday I have left, which were looking so luxurious, look rather less so once I have to fit in a week in Edinburgh because my relatives are fleeing the south (and if you're going to Scotland from Oxford there is no point in not being there long enough to see everyone in the vicinity).

*I still kick myself that when TMS mentioned of Jamie Dalrymple (what happened to him) that he was only the third to achieve this feat, that I didn't email to ask whether or not that included LPW?
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