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The Doctor Who finale: I enjoyed it

Um, before people giggle too much over Richard Dawkins and the Doctor Who star cult, did you miss the bit where the people who believe in stars are in fact correct? (And of course that Dawkins is a DW in-joke anyway by virtue of being married to Lalla Ward.)

Also, fandom, I am very disappointed. We have had "Amy's short skirts show her a slut" simultaneously with "Amy is depicted as a child with no sexuality", and "Amy is a rapist". And yet more than twenty-four hours after broadcast fez!fail is yet to hit the internet? Honestly, so much potential material there, and so little denunciation? I'm shocked.

The Fate of a Fez

Doctor: Thanks Tommy! Careful with that guillotine! All right, where shall we go. Let's see. I know it's Helen's birthday. Helen of Troy. Lovely woman. Not actually from Troy, of course. More like Asdifhaabitak, unfortunate accident - long story. We can take us a card, and she'll give us tea, or wine. Probably wine, with cheese in it. Funny people, the Spartans."

[Vworp vworp]

Doctor: Ready Ponds? Troy, here we come

[Some time later. Amy, Rory and the Doctor enter the Tardis to the sound of gunfire, looking rather dishevelled. The Doctor's fez is now a few shreds of smoking velvet.]

Rory: What the hell was that?

Doctor: Bit of a mistake with the time. Not quite the same civil war.

Amy: Not quite the same?

Doctor: About three thousand years. Give or take. But it does explain why Kemal banned the fez. I do feel bad about the exploding camel. Messy.
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