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Film of the week

I went to see Eclipse at the pictures after work tonight. Yes, it was as predicted completely rubbish*. But it was fairly entertainly rubbish, at least on first viewing though I suspect not on second (indeed I'd go a long way not to see it twice). Yes, Carlisle Cullen is camper than the proverbial row of tents. Yes, Robert Pattison is trying so hard not to laugh that he is unable to move his face. Yes, the plot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever unless you have read the book. Meanwhile werewolf CGI continues its slow creep forward. This lot were not entirely convincing, but they did manage to look reasonably furry and canine, which is a good start. The entire plot was a werewolf/vampire willy-waving contest, in which Bella appeared even more tediously passive than in the novel - at least in the novel we get a bit of her perspective.

What was really interesting, though, was the audience, most of whom seemed to feel pretty much as I did about it: they were watching a popcorn film for a bit of fun, with no intention of running off to marry an obsessive nut with excessive hair gel and have vampire babies anytime soon. Edward's set-piece proposal and the production of the Ring, the most appallingly sub-Claire's Accessories piece of tat known to man, far from provoking swooning romantic fever or the desire for ten vampire babies, a perfect house and a Volvo, got the biggest laugh of the night. In short, don't run out and see it, but I've seen worse and it certainly isn't a sign of the imminent End of Days, though there is disappointingly little sparkling.

*I shall maintain that the first Twilight film is actually pretty decent, though. Certainly well put-together with some decent cinematography and solid performances, and a hell of a lot more entertaining than your average misogynistic so-called romantic comedy.
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