nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,


Where can I buy a copy of Winterfair Gifts without buying Miles in Love?

Where would you recommend I start my parents on Bujold? I am convinced they'd like them, but my mother seems never to have read any SF, and my father seems virulently allergic to it. They are otherwise open-minded readers who like Patrick O'Brien and Sayers, and I'm convinced they'd like Bujold if only they could open it in the first place. Would Komarr be impractical for my mother, who enjoys Heyer?


Seen in a remaindered bookshop at lunchtime, a book on Finnish cooking. I let it stay remaindered - any book that thinks beestings is commonly obtainable anywhere there's dairy farming (hands up if you are not a dairy farmer and have ever heard of it) is not a book that I want to rely on serving me edible food.
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