nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

The human mind is a wondrous thing

Not least in its capacity to be really, really stupid. I am not suffering end-of-year tiredness. I have sinusitis, which blazing realization trailed meteor-like across my mind last night as I caught up on my diary and realised that (a) red-hot-marbles eyeballs thing has been going on for four weeks now and (b) is the sinusitis I had earlier this year and (c) follows the mild sniffle of five weeks ago. Antibiotics here I come.

Ooh! Pressing my fingers really hard into my forehead helps. Not very practical all day, though.

Have put in an offer on another flat. Am not going to get it. Ed. Did not get it.

Ed. 9.01pm Ah, I see that Sherlock is definitely AU.

There's nothing like a really convincingly-written evil character...
Tags: real life
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