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Scanning the bookshelves in search of something fairly short and fun, I picked up Agent of Change by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Ah! I thought, space opera. Perfect for a couple of days before I go on holiday. I put it in my bag, and opened it on the bus. A paragraph in, and I knew it was going to be a very long bus journey. I kept going for the half-hour, but no good. It was perfectly well-written, but we didn’t gel. (On the plus side, this means that ankaret won’t have to wait years to get it back.)

On getting home, I therefore hunted for something else and came across Janet Neel’s Death among the Dons, recently picked up in a second-hand shop on the advice of antisoppist (at least I think so, that could be wishful thinking and a bid for theft). I wasn’t sure I wanted to read a detective novel, so I had a quick look at the first couple of chapters. I was hooked within a paragraph. Reader, we were made for one another.

On another note entirely...

Oxfordshire speed cameras switched off: Oxfordshire motorists speed. My colleague who drives into Oxford says it’s a nightmare – a big increase not only in speed, but in drivers aggressively tail-gating to bully people observing the speed limit into going faster.
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