nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Don't panic! Don't panic!

The thought, having gone through one wardrobe, two suitcases of clothes and two boxes of fabric, that I might inadvertently have cast my sister's favourite, price-above-rubies silk nightie into the clothes recycling was not a happy one. Fortunately I have found it, typically hiding in the first place I had looked, and now I can sort myself out and go off to London* to buy some fabric to make a replica, which is why I've got the wretched thing in the first place. I only hope that I can find some at a reasonable price, not least because I don't actually know how much will be required so can't afford to be conservative.

On the subject of sewing, antisoppist, I meant to recomment McCalls 2129 to you as a straightish skirt - discontinued, but should still be orderable. It's easy, quick, uses hardly any material, and is easily fitted/customisable. I have done the basic knee-length one five times, and am seeking mulberry-coloured cotton velvet today for a sixth.

*By coach - both railway lines have replacement buses on the evening service, no thank you.
Tags: sewing
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