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I used to wonder, reading the Chalet School and the like, just how the girls managed to do such damage to their clothes. They were always not only replacing button, but repairing giant three-cornered rents in skirts and so on. I spent an awful lot of time running around as a child, and I don't chuck out my clothes after three weeks now, but I have never, ever had anything like a three-cornered rent.

This musing is brought to you by the Ebay euphemism "I have repaired a couple of tiny holes [near the hem]". It means "my house has clothes moths". There is a reason that any clothing or fabric I buy that is not straight from a chain store goes into the freezer first and foremost. MOTHZ DOEZ NOT WANT.

In other news I have touched-up the car (and am amazed and relieved that Googling that brings up no dodgy sites whatsoevder), which is metallic and thus involved silk crepe as a brush (see, there is a use for fabric scraps after all), and fought off the latest lurgy. If I could not get freshers' flu until after next weekend, when I am going up to Leeds, it would be a very good thing. I am going to see my parents and The Merry Widow. As the latter is on over Christmas (but no convenient dates for me), I am hoping that it will be a straightforward production full of big frocks and big waltzes. I listened to a bit of it today whilst attempting to catch up with my diary, and for once actually read the libretto. I absolutely will not write the fic it is crying out for. (Boy and girl couldn't get married because she had no money. Girl is now a rich widow. Boy worries that if he asks her to marry him, she will assume it is because he is after her money. Comic shenanigans ensue, ending in happily ever after. Except that LJ would go berserk over its lighthearted take on sex work.)

Speaking of happily ever after, last night I watched Ever After, a Cinderella story starring Drew Barrymore that came out in 1998 and I've been vaguely looking out for since, though not to the extent of bothering to rent the video. Verdict: a decent film for soppy ten-year olds, if you accept hero and heroine behaving like idiots. But it was nice to see that though the Cinders does the decent thing and stops her stepmother being deported, she doesn't actually forgive her, but her clemency extends only as far as "show her the consideration she showed me". It stars Dougray Scott as the floppy-haired and deeply unappealing Prince Henry (Charming), wearing ballet tights and an increasingly obtrusive codpiece.
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