nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Batman and Robin

I had the day off work yesterday, and went for a tour of the palace of Westminster (aka the House of Commons and the House of Lords) organised by the Dorothy L Sayers Society. I’d never been before, so it was very interesting and good fun, though I am afraid that despite my good intentions I did not in the end go and sit in the public gallery. I was amused that in the Lords though there are specified seats for eldest sons of peers, wives of peers, daughters of peers, and unmarried daughters of peers, there are none for younger sons of me. After twenty-four hours it occurs to me that perhaps this is because it was regarded as OK for the men to sit in the public gallery, but Ladies could not be expected to mix with the hoi polloi. Edward Petherbridge looks astonishingly like a 70-something Peter Wimsey ought to look, and retains the perfect voice. I suspect that The Attenbury Emeralds is considerably better for his reading it – the excerpt he read was great.

Downton Abbey is being a little silly, though it didn’t help that my ITV reception is appalling, so I lost the picture at certain crucial moments. A colleague noted that it was the first time she had come across the word ‘batman’ in this context and that it produced a rather different mental picture. I managed to refrain from shouting “that should be a Wimseyfic crossover!” It's obvious, really. Bunter can provide the saturnine mystery and physical strength, and Peter can provide the money and the Batmobile, I mean Daimler. He won't like being a sidekick, but as the pale and weedy one he will just have to cope.
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