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Yuletide nominations are up. I shall nominate, though I am not yet certain whether I'll participate - it depends quite a bit on the dates as to whether it's practical. Also, there's apparently a new system for identifying "small fandoms" this year; it's fair to say that if Dorothy L. Sayers is chucked off the list (hopefully not - it's hardly one of the those one looks at and things "That's not small") I'll be disappointed, as Yuletide consistently produces a handful of good Wimsey stories from authors who don't usually write in the fandom.

I'm supposed to be ironing and writing fic this evening, but it has been defeated by sinuses. Instead I am watching the Chilean miners story unfold, and worrying a bit about when the packing and tidying up is going to be done. Work is running at high stress levels due to internal reviews and general staring into the black pit over the Browne report, and the end of the week will be very welcome.

ETA: Details of the new system. It doesn't say what the cut-off number is, though.
Tags: yuletide challenge
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