nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

The end of the weekend already?

I didn't go to Don Carlo. This was a good thing, as I still didn't wake up until half-past nine this morning after over ten hours sleep.

This weekend:

- I have not got a new coat. I need an ankle-length dark one for the Daily Commute, and nowhere seems to be selling them. Debenhams have one, but it's pretty thin, and Laura Ashley's offer is too violet a purple.

- I learned that soft cod roes, which I had for lunch, are not roe at all, but milt, that is, not the eggs at all, but the sperm in whatever organ a cod keeps his sperm.

- I have finally managed to draft a pattern, and started cutting out, for a copy of my sister's silk nightdress (for her), spurred on only by her frequent emails demanding the original back.

- that there will be no free-to-air television coverage of the Ashes at all this year, not even highlights. I am absolutely livid. How much f*cking football, rugby and Formula 1 do we get on UK television, and no bloody cricket and practically no winter sports (certainly no winter sports that can actually be followed as sports as opposed to "how many of them will crash" bloodsports). I will be forking out for Eurosport online, though - I'll have to ration what I watched because of the paucity of my internet connection, but it's only £5 a month, can be paid month-by-month, and it will be nice to actually see some proper skiing.

- time has completely vanished. The past fortnight at work has been a lot more tiring that I realised at the time. My brain wants to curl up and hibernate. Roll on Christmas.
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