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(1) How to do online sales. I have just signed up to Eurosport over the internet, pay monthly, £3.99 pcm (I only want it for the winter, so this is the cheapest way). It took five minutes. It would have taken less were I able to remember by PayPal password first time, used because my home internet hates Verified by Visa (which Eurosport kindly warned me would be involved). As soon as I had paid I was able to login and watch.

(2) Now all I have to do is connect my laptop to the television. Unfortunately PC World is too far to be there and back by 9:30am in order to buy the cables, so I'll be watching this morning's cross-country on the laptop, but at least I'll be watching it.

(3) The time has come for me to get an MP3 player. I know sod-all about MP3 players because I never listen to music when out and about (I talk to myself instead). Thus I throw myself once more on LJ. I want an MP3 player that is:

- cheap.
- lets me listen to downloaded podcasts or music (but I really want it for the TMS podcasts so I can hear them at work).
- has a radio that receives TMS on either channel.
- probably not by Apple as I won't be using it anything like enough to justify the price.

There are billions of MP players out there - how do I choose one?

Ed. Thanks for your responses. To clarify. I really don't listen to music or radio on the go, and I doubt this will change - if it does, I can get something better, but in the first instance my definition of "cheap" is under £30 and preferably more like £15.
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