nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Going slowly round the bend

It is the last week of term – except it isn’t, because real term extends another fortnight – and I am losing the will to live re-writing people’s cases for appointing to professorships and trying to make them sound less hopelessly waffly whilst not being able to include any further information because I haven’t got it. Also have 101 other things to do which I am trying not to panic about too much.


I appear to be living in a snowless corridor. Meanwhile one sister is tramping to work through snow-covered streets as her partner works from home. T’other sister’s work is shut for the third day, she has long since run out of stuff she can do for it on-line, and she is just lounging around enjoying herself thanks to living in the centre of town and still being able to get to everything. I have a pair of skis in the shed and half an inch of snow on the ground. It’d better still be around at Christmas.

Have not sorted skiing holidays out at all. All depends on arcane combination of meeting dates some of which I can determine and others of which depend upon a trip to India (alas not me) and the British Council and whether what I want (quiet slopes, good ski school) can be meshed with what everyone else wants (massive ski area, lots of black runs). Oh, and it turns out it may be half-term that week for lots of people on the continent. Argh! Just booking for myself with Exodus looks increasing attractive.
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