nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Have shovel, will stay indoors

Oh, how they laughed when I bought a shovel at lunchtime a couple of weeks ago and it sat behind my desk the rest of the day. It was, I claimed, to clear the leaves that swarmed outside my door and in the parking space, and this was true. But it was also lot better than a baking tray at clearing the snow. There is quite a lot of snow (for Oxford) though the occasional bus still passes.

I am supposed to be travelling tomorrow, and expect the roads to be clear. However I may hang around an extra day if it means that I can go and see a flat I want (to buy) on Monday. Of course, I can't get a response from the estate agents as they are all no doubt stuck at home in the snow...

And this afternoon, when the snow won't be falling down my neck, I shall go skiing!

I am so glad I am not doing Yuletide - I have had no time whatsoever.
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