nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Out and about

I appear to have recovered from my cold. Evidence: a ten mile ski round local fields, woods, and villages in utterly perfect snow, fluffy, deep, and dry. Then I dug out the car. And the parking area. Then I had a bath and have taken precautionary Voltarol, because the shovel is quite heavy and I don't want my shoulders to ache when I am driving tomorrow. Hopefully driving tomorrow.

I love my skis. They are basic and waxless, but far better than any hire ones I've ever used. And much as I'd rather have waxable skis for Norway, I really don't want them for the UK. Not least because I have no idea what temperature it was today. I know it was below freezing, because there was no thaw anywhere (except on the roofs of poorly-insulated houses*). I stood in woodland where usually I would hear the soft pitter-patter of snow falling from the trees - nothing. The trees remain firmly plastered. The sun shone, with very little strength in it, but enough to make the snow look pretty and bright, and as I came round a corner two roe deer dashed out of the wood and across the field twenty-five yards in front of me. There were sadly few hills, but you can't have everything. Oh, and having been completely rubbish at it, I suddenly seem to be getting to grips with the skate technique.

That I haven't done any packing is a small price to pay... I had better get paying it.

*Or possibly cannabis factories. How stupid are these people? The police have been investigating mysteriously unsnowy roofs for years.
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